This is a long text describing Frings. Its now 28 years old and living in Germany. Can speak multiple languages and code in multiple as well. Passionate about ducks, DIY-Electronics, music and taxonomies.


Despite my lack of productive output, I enjoy composing and producing music. In addition to that I like to warm up a solder iron to create simple circuitry and DIY tools. I also build some furniture for my self and I’m not unwilling to handle a power tool. My biggest achivement so far was creating customized desks to work and game on. I enjoy to read up on different woodworking joints and the best ways to setup decent cable management. And I really need to get some decent saws in the forseable future.

I enjoy to watch some anime from time to time or shows of various genres. My music collection grows every day and if you are brave enough I can spam you with suggestions of great and widley unknown artists. The genres I’m listening to varies greatly, from Breakcore and DnB, over to Jazz and Lofi Chill Tunes to Folk, Postrock and Punk.

Music and Arts


I have experience in developing Web Applications and I focused mainly on the BackEnd parts, but am able to create FrontEnd designs as well. I mainly code in Java and Python, but have some proficiency in JS, Haskell and Bash as well. I know how to handle a command line, setup a well-formed DB-Schema, create an CI/CD Pipeline, and deploy an app to an decently architectured Cloud Infrastructure. I’m always eager to widen my horizon, try out new features, languages, frameworks and techniques.